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Online Must-Sees!


Due to the global restrictions that Covid-19 has induced, it has become more difficult to have access to the wonderful world of art... NOT!

I've tried and tested these five virtual tours and they are definitely worth having a browse through if you are feeling a little nostalgic for those gallery hopping days...

Google Arts & Culture is a wonderful means of exploring museums, galleries and historic sites. There are some interactive elements like the 'Art Selfie' or the 'Art Projector' which allows you view art works on the floor of your home! 100% recommend downloading the app and having a nose around, sure is better for your brain cells than Tiktok!

In the mean time, here are five 'virtual' spots to tickle your fancy.

Okay, this first one isn't an exhibition per se, but it really is just the bee's knees. Having never been to Peru, the visuals of Matchu Picchu are phenomenal and it has definitely climbed a few spaces on the bucket list!

1) Matchu Picchu, Peru.

Click on the image below to explore the 360° view of the Inca site, with audio included explaining exactly what you are looking at. 

Just incase you are wondering how they kept the grass so sleek and trim back in the day...

...Alpacas, alpacas are the answer!

Click here to view Machu Picchu!

2) The National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin.

Navigating swiftly and smoothly around the exhibition space while also being able to view the works of art up close (as well as being able to read descriptions!) is what makes for a pleasant virtual experience. "Murillo: The Prodigal Son Restored" does just that.

Click here to view the exhibition, "Murillo: The Prodigal Son Restored".

3) Lourve, Paris.

With interactive zoom features available throughout the tour, you really get the opportunity to inspect the works up close. Stick to the tours of the Petite Gallerie, the quality is good and moving about the rooms is manageable.

Click here to choose a virtual tour.

4) The British Museum, London.

The timeline styled viewing platform entitled "Museum of the World" is a clear and easy way to navigate through the artefacts. The addition of the audio means you can view the object and listen to the historical context and description simultaneously.  

Click here to view the "Museum of the World" exhibition.

5) The Vatican Museums, Rome.

If you have the patience to endure the spilt second it takes to load while you endeavour to explore and look around, it's worth it. The architecture alone is breathtaking. Moreover, there is the added bonus of having no-one obstruct your view! Have you ever seen the Vatican Museums completely empty?!

Click here to view the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel!


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